Community Helping Community

This site is for the community and surrounding area of Linwood Township to be used as a resource to help one another during the current CoVid-19 social distancing situation. 

This site is a partnership with Linwood Township, Linwood Fire Department, Linwood Country Store, Sunnyside Church, and Linwood Covenant Church.

We're offering resources, assistance, and hope for a quick cure! 

Please scroll down down and fill out the form below, we are happy to come alongside you in these trying days!  

Click Here for details about Free COVID Testing.

Assistance Request

Do you need assistance?  Here are some of the ways we can help!  

Do you need someone to run an errand for you?  Groceries, prescriptions, supplies, etc.  This is encouraged anyone with a preexisting condition.  Also for anyone over 70 years of age.  We have younger people who are ready to help, just fill out the form below!

Are you in need of food?  We have groceries for you at no charge.  Fill out the form below to make an appointment.  Groceries are given out to a family once every 14 days.  Appointments can be make Monday: 10am to 2pm; Tuesday 5pm to 7pm; Wednesday 10am to 2pm; Thursday 5pm to 7pm.  Food is distributed from Linwood Covenant Church.  6565 Viking BLVD NE, Wyoming, MN 55092.  Click here for a map.

Childcare for Health Care Workers. Are you on the frontline of healthcare and need some assistance with childcare? Fill out the form below and we will do our best to help!

Do you need prayer and someone to talk to?  Fill out the form below to contact a Pastor.

If you need help with any of these things, or with something else, please complete the form and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.