Ways to help!

Below are some ways that we might need help from you in the coming days.  We know this situation is fluid and we will update this website accordingly.  Thanks for loving your neighbors well!   Click on the form at the bottom of the page in order to sign up to be a part of the team. 

  • Errand Runner

    We are looking for healthy people 60 years of age and under per CDC guidelines to run errands in order to pick up groceries, home supplies, or prescriptions for more at risk persons who should stay at home.

  • Donate Food

    Food will be distributed to our community from Linwood Covenant Church.  This is an opportunity for those that have plenty to donate to those who are in need.

  • Cooking Meals

    The homeless in our communities are vulnerable as volunteers need to remain at home.  There is a need for freezable meals to ensure this vulnerable population has nourishment.  

  • Encouraging Our Seniors

    Our friends and neighbors who are in assisted living and nursing home facilities are needing to be kept in much more isolation because of their vulnerability.  For them this often means no visitors and much less freedom of movement from their rooms.  We will provide you with all your need to encourage them with a note, card, or picture.  

  • Financial Help

    As many experience the loss of a job in these days, the ministry of Linwood Covenant has a special fund called the Care Fund set up to help meet the needs of those who are hurting.  

I Want to Help!

If you are able to help others in our community, please let us know. Complete the form below and we will be in contact with you.

I Can Help!